Policies & Regulations

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy revolves around engaging in sustainable operations that to continuously reduce wastage and pollution. Our rental service clearly manifests this goal and the idea is to decrease the consumption of natural resources and use the ones extracted optimally. We also aim to educate our customers about the environmental impact that the retail and fashion industries have as well as the use of B like C products. Ensure environmental and climate change criteria are taken into account in the procurement and provision of goods and services. Manage waste generated from our business operations and products according to the principles of reduce, re-use and recycle.

Supplier Ethical Conduct

As part of our commitment to high standards of business integrity, B like C expects its Suppliers to disclose full and accurate information to personnel carrying out periodic audits or reviews to enable them to make a full assessment of all Supplier sites. Attempts to withhold or falsify essential information requested by B like C shall be treated as a serious non-compliance.

Suppliers must comply with all applicable legislation and also with elements of the Code where these go beyond what is required by law. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the code are met across all of its manufacturing sites and by all.

Suppliers must be able to demonstrate to B like C that they have carried out sufficient steps to communicate the standards contained within the Code, to monitor levels of compliance and to remediate any areas of noncompliance.