About Us

Company Overview

Who We Are

B like C is a fashion platform that offers clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices. Quality and variety are the hallmark of our business and the goal is to make you come back for more. We partner with selected brands that share in our mission and values to give you the best.

What We Do

We don’t just sell the merchandise, we rent them out. Why buy an expensive dress that you get to wear once? One of our fashion codes is that you don’t have to own it to look amazing.We offer flexibility when it comes to fashion and all you have to do is select a product from our platform, make the payment and it will be delivered to you.

Be it a glamorous dress, a stand-out watch, elegant designer shoes, chick wear – Be like C has it. Our portal was created with you in mind and we love what we do. You can rent or buy our products and save minimum 40% off.

Mission And Vision

Our mission is to empower our customers to be who they are regardless of their gender, socio-economic class, race or religion. We believe in the power of humanity that is entrenched in our diversity. That is why we offer a variety of fashionable items to meet your individual taste and preferences. We envision establishing a convenient, current and customized fashion experience – that is driven by our expertise in the fashion industry and inspired by tour feedback. At B like C, we pay attention to what you seek and we work around the clock to provide it.